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Dark Horse Stables (DHS) is home to Catoctin Sporthorses - a small breeding farm specializing in producing and raising sporthorses for Eventing, Hunting and Dressage. DHS was established in 1984, is owned and operated by Pat & Jim Bewley and is named for Patís now deceased dark bay foxhunter Whiz. Browse around and meet our crew, we offer a selection of talented young horses on our sale page.

We are proud to present "Catoctin Ruthless 030". "Slick" was born morning of Tuesday 08/04. She is by the TB stallion Boulderwood (Gracie's Uncle) and out of Matchless, our Grade 1 event mare. She was named after Jim's helicopter in Viet Nam. No matter what personal opinion one might have about that war, 030 saved Jim's butt many times, she survived the war and 40 years later is fighting fires for the NJ Forest Service! 'Slick' is, I'm told by Jim, the type of Huey 030 is.

Also, Gracie won 3 out of 4 classes at the recognized Dressage at Heavenly Waters show in June - qualifying for the BLM Championships!


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